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Capita Men's Asymulator Snowboard 2022

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Profile: Camber

Terrain: Park/Resort

Response: Medium

The Asymulator is hard carving and hard charging, featuring an asymmetrical shaping theory designed to rail turns with preferential precision on either edge. The toe-side contour offers a smooth radial sidecut, while the heel-side edge features New Age Directional lines with Death Grip™ allowing for more control on heel-side turns. The Shovelhead tip shape stands as an outlier in snowboard design, providing both style points at the lodge and a grab rail and tweak those 90's moves off the jumps. Integrated technologies include Technora™ Flax Boosters with the P2 Superlight Core™ and a Quantum Drive™ running base to provide the versatility desired from a fast, resort destroying board with carving power.


P2 Superlight Core: Extremely lightweight and versatile core combined with high impact resistance and maximum pop.

Technora + Flax Boosters: Interwoven aramid and sustainable flax fibers that absorb shock and increase power and response.

Holysheet Fiberglass + Magic Bean Resin: Triax/Biax HOLYSHEET™ has higher glass to weight ratio than normal fiberglass. Impregnated with high performance plant based MAGIC BEAN™ RESIN for the most powerful and dynamic ride.

Inlaid Alloy Nose + Tail Skid Plate: NEW! MAKE SPARKS! with an ultralight skid plate, refined and reshaped to shave weight. 

Heelside Edge with Deathgrip: An ASYMMETRICAL board features different sidecut theories on each edge of the same board. For The Asymulator, Capita has implemented a large and smooth RADIAL sidecut for the toe-side edge of the board while the heel-side edge of the board features a tighter NEW AGE DIRECTIONAL sidecut with DEATH GRIP™.

Level 3 DeepSpace Silkscreen: ROCK POSTERS. The best ones are screen-printed, framed and enviously eyed by bros at the man cave. They are awesome because they’re handmade with love, and so are our silkscreened top sheets. Unbeknownst to most people, the CAPiTA MFG print shop is staffed by a merry band of tough as nails Austrian mothers who enjoy tea and apfelstrudel after work. Next time you notice how the colors pop like crazy on your topsheet, thank these ladies as each topsheet is like a hand-knitted sweater from Mom.

Quantum Drive Base: The Millenium Falcon of bases just got turbo charged. An ultra-high molecular weight, ultra-high density polyethylene, updated sintered base. Harder, Faster, Stronger.

Die Cut Base: Super precise laser-guided, die cutting technology enable sharp edges and poppy AF solid color for our bases. It’s an Herculean feat to assemble all the little pieces back together again but gaaaddamn it looks fine.

PLT Topsheet Technology: Produces a featherlight, smooth, high-gloss finish, without the poisonous deadweight. Exclusive to Capita MFG, this process magically bonds the topsheet to an already pressed snowboard. 

360 Degree HRC48 Steel Edges: Steel edges that run all around the board.

Full ABS1000 Sidewalls: Very dense plastic that protects the core of the snowboard from water, rocks etc. and adds an element of torsional rigidity.

Stainless Steel 4 x 2 Inserts


Hybrid Camber (Camber Dominant)

Camber between your feet for precision and pop with rocker outside of your inserts for a catch free, float ready ride.



Asymmetrical boards offer an additional dimension to snowboard design. With a designated toe and heel edge, asymmetrical boards truly realize that your foot is definitely *not symmetrical*. The toe edge is generally slightly longer with a shallower, less aggressive sidecut and the heel edge is generally slightly shorter with a deeper, more reactive sidecut. This is all designed to minimize rider fatigue, while maximizing performance through easier, more natural feeling heelside turns for better response, better carving and more fun!


6 (Scale 1-10)

Versatility at its finest. From the park to the peak and anywhere in between.



High-end base material that is harder, more durable, and faster than extruded bases.

Size (cm) Waist Width (cm) Sidecut Radius (M) Tip / Tail Width (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
152 25.0 Toe: 7.8 / Heel: 7.7 / -1.5 / 7.7 29.4 / 29.4 110-150
154 25.2 Toe: 7.9 / Heel: 7.8 / -1.5 / 7.8 29.6 / 29.6 120-180
156 25.4 Toe: 7.8 / Heel: 7.7 / -1.5 / 7.7 29.9 / 29.9 130-190

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Capita Men's Asymulator Snowboard 2022

Capita Men's Asymulator Snowboard 2022