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Endeavor Men's Archetype Wide Snowboard 2022

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Profile: Directional Camber

Terrain: Pow

Response: Responsive

Disruptive by nature.

The Archetype has garnered a reputation as a quiver essential. The Archetype is the original model that spawned the Endeavor Powder Quiver. With an ability to throw down in any condition, the kicked swallow tail cuts through powder like a hot fork through ice cream yet it has the stability to pop a natural feature and land with confidence, producing a truly unique riding experience. A critically acclaimed design, the Archetype continues to turn heads and make waves. 


Poplar + Paulownia w/Birch Reinforcement: A blend of light weight yet strong woods to provide power, precision and balance with consistent flex characteristics. Lighter yet stronger than a full poplar core, this blend increases response and precision. Birch reinforcement in all Endeavor boards increases durability for greater channel™ retention.

Dura Surf 4001 Sintered Base: Durability and speed in a highly absorbent package means these bases will never slow you down. Lots of tiny pores open up and absorb wax every time you service to give you superior slide. Dura Surf is the hardest snowboard base in the industry, known for its reliability, strength and speed. All Endeavor bases are die cut pigmented base material and are finished by a belt sanding process and factory hot waxed so it can perform right out of the bag.

Tri-Axial Fibreglass: Multi-axis, stitched fiberglass laminate provide a stiffer, more responsive flex and greater torsional rigidity to give the board precision and power in a super stable and versatile package.

Carbon Beams: Carbon beams are placed in strategic positions to increase pop and snap without adding overall weight compared to traditional fibreglass only constructions. Carbon also adds flex memory, supporting the camber shape so the boards remains lively over time and use.

High Gloss UV Lacquer Finish w/Matte Logos: Endeavor top sheets are screen printed or sublimated and coated with a protective UV stabilized lacquer in either matte or gloss. Other graphic details are added such as clear prints and graphic screens to give all of our boards the best aesthetic possible.


Directional Camber

Camber underfoot with a bit of rocker lift in the nose gives you the ultimate best of both worlds for a pow ready board that holds up in any condition.

This board bend has entry rocker that adds lift to the nose while a camber section under both feet maintains momentum and stability through deep-driving turns and variable conditions. This bend caters to those who like the attributes of traditional camber but want something that will get up to speed and float easier in pow.


Directional Tapered

Directional tapered boards excel in a pure mountain environment. The tail sinks in pow for better float and quicker turns.

A directional shape with a longer, softer nose and a shorter, stiffer tail get taken to the next level with a tapering design—which sees a wider nose tapering into a narrower tail. The advantages are two-fold: this shape not only sees mega-enhanced floatation with a surfy feel in deep powder, it also creates a faster turning snowboard which is noticeably more nimble and great for tree riding.


7-8 (Scale 1-10)

Power, Precision, Control.



High-end base material that is harder, more durable, and faster than extruded bases.

Size (cm) Waist Width (cm) Sidecut Radius (M) Tip / Tail Width (cm) Rider Weight (lbs)
157W 27.2 8.5 32.6 / 29.8 150-200+
160W 27.6 8.6 32.9 / 29.8 150-200+

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Endeavor Men's Archetype Wide Snowboard 2022

Endeavor Men's Archetype Wide Snowboard 2022