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Nitro Men's Select TLS Charcoal Black 2021

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The most trusted performance and response by Olympic medalists to backcountry specialists, the Nitro Select has everything you and the pros would need for that perfect fit and support in any given situation.

The Nitro Select snowboard boot has been breaking the performance barriers since its inception, and this season is no different with the Auto-Power Strap to allow for the perfect fit from the top of the boot down to the toe and new 45° Laceglider allowing you to get that perfect lace tension with ease. This responsive magician is equipped with an Internal Ankle Support feature for upgraded response and customizable zonal tightening, while raising the industry benchmark for durability and comfort with its Vibram® Outsole made of Icetrek™ Vibram ® Compound with D3O® Shock Absorption and top-shelf Cloud 9 Liner, for added grip and comfort for bagging peaks and all-day charging. The Armored Shell combined with the removable Power Tongue Stiffener creates the perfect amount of tailored precision to push your riding to the next level. The Select is offered in Standard lacing and the TLS 5 Twin Lacing System which allows you to get your foot in and out in under a minute. The Re/Lace Liner Locker lets you get that afternoon tighten-up when needed on the chairlift without having to undo your outer laces. Engineered for pro-caliber performance and response to ride like a pro all over the mountain.


  • Vibram® Outsole made of Icetrek™ Vibram® Compounds with D3O® Shock Absorption
  • EVA Midsole: reduces the overall weight and provides cushioning and thermal insulation.
  • Air Dampening: The best shock absorbing technology on the planet sucks up hard landings and keeps your heels from getting bruised. This noticeable difference in ride and comfort does not compromise response or control.
  • Therminator Shield: This thermal layer between sole and liner will reflect your body heat and keep your feet warm all day.
  • Armored Shell:  This anatomically shaped and 3D molded piece wraps around the heel and the lateral /medial side of the foot which increases heel fit, shell stiffness and durability.
  • Flex Link Design: A flexible panel at the ankle between the upper and lower shell ensures an even flexing, responsive boot without the bulk.
  • New 45° Laceglider: This precision-molded low-friction plastic insert is positioned at the crucial 45° lacing position in the ankle area. It drastically reduces lace friction and makes tying up your TLS system even easier.
  • Auto-Power Strap: An adjustable power strap located on the top part of the boot shell, that can be easily adjusted, opened and closed through a simple belt ring design. If you want a more responsive fit from the top of your boot than you tighten it if you want a looser fit or feel than you can loosen it or remove the power-strap.
  • Tls 5 Twin Lacing System
  • Molded Tls Lace Handles
  • Bail Out System: Designed to make unlacing the TLS system even easier. This pull tab that is placed in the middle of the TLS lacing system on the outside of the boot allows for effortless unlacing and recording breaking speeds for taking your boots off.
  • Internal Ankle Support
  • Power Tongue Stiffener
  • Cloud 9 Liner
  • ILS Liner Lacing
  • Re/Lace Liner Locker:: The RE/ L ACE Liner Locker provides easy adjustability of your inner boot lacing when your boot shell is already tightened (tied), by just pulling up on the lace handle. This allows you to (re)tighten your liner and foothold throughout the day (wherever you may find yourself on the mountain) without having to untie your boot.
  • Ortholite® Triple Density Footbed

Lacing System:

TLS 5 Twin Lacing System

Nitro leading the pack with the TLS 5 lacing system: Easy lace engagement and release, combined with the low abrasion of our Dyneema® laces are the key
factors of this highly reliable zonal lacing system. At the same time, the TLS 5 features compact size and low weight while maintaining the reliability proven
by tens of thousands of days on the mountain.
Even though rarely needed, servicing and replacement of all par ts including the lace are easier than with any other system on the market. Even using a
standard lace if you‘re in a pinch is an option only available on Nitro‘s TLS boots.
Easy-entry handle storage pockets as well as the Bail Out system for easier entry and exit round off the most developed dual lacing system on the market.


Cloud 9 Liner

Nitro's flagship liner´s ultra-lightweight pre-molded Thermacell material creates a straight out of the box fit with unstoppable comfort. Our signature latex
heel pads provide lifetime heel fit, while the clutch tongue makes boot entry and exit easier. The Cloud 9 liner features an additional power strap for a snug
fit on top and a triple-density footbed for maximum cushioning and comfort, while the Re/ Lace Liner Locker will allow for quick re-tightens easily and give
you the perfect foothold. Heat moldable.
Pre-Molded Thermacell: for perfect out-of–the box fit
Hi-Heel Frame: more response and a precise fit
Re/Lace Liner Locker: for a snug and easy to operate closure
Latex Memory Pads : for a lifetime heel fit
Flex Toe: expands for custom toe box fit
Triple Density Ortholite® Footbed (Select): ultimate support and comfort
Dual Density Ortholite® Footbed (Team): top notch control and cushioning

OrthoLite® Footbeds

Together with OrthoLite®, the World’s Leading Supplier of Open-Cell Foam Insole Technology, Nitro has developed footbeds in dual and triple density versions for different levels of support and comfort : OrthoLite® compresses less than 5% with excellent levels of shock absorption and energy return. Fit and comfort inside the boot will remain consistent for the life of the OrthoLite® product. The unique open cell structure of OrthoLite® also creates a moisture management system inside the boot by moving moisture away from the foot leaving your feet drier. When the foot is removed from the shoe any remaining moisture dries very quickly due to the airflow allowed by the open cell network in the foam. OrthoLite® contains a patented anti-microbial formulation to fight fungus, bacteria, and odor. The biocide is added during formulation so that it is linked to the foam and will not wear off or lose effectiveness over time. The Aegis anti-microbial treatment is EPA and FDA approved. OrthoLite® is extremely lightweight providing optimum performance and without adding excess weight to the boot. OrthoLite® is completely washable and will not hydrolyze. Just throw them in your washing machine and they come out like new.

ILS (Internal Lacing System)

Nitro's ILS system features a lacing harness firmly connected to the boot shell. This harness snugly wraps around the liner, securing it in the shell and
providing precise lacing and fit. Nitro engineered ILS laces provide less friction and a Dyneema® core for added strength.


Vibram® Outsole made of Icetrek™ Vibram® Compounds with D3O® Shock Absorption

A new sole design developed specifically for Nitro's new INCLINE splitboarding boot. Tapping into decades of experience with mountaineering soles, we have teamed up with Vibram® to come up with this snowboarding-specific tread pattern and side profile. The result is a highly durable sole with an unparalleled grip due to ICETREK™ AND ARCTIC GRIP VIBRAM® compounds, combined with a snowboard-specific shape for reduced toe and heel drag.



9-10 (1-10 Scale)

Power Tongue Stiffener

For those looking for adjustable stiffness throughout the day or season, you can use the removable tongue stiffener to change between premium precision or more of a relaxed feel. From the steep and deep to the groomers, you can customize your boot feel perfect for your style.



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Nitro Men's Select TLS Charcoal Black 2021

Nitro Men's Select TLS Charcoal Black 2021