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The mid-flexing, trick-stomping, all mountain killer.


Lacing system: Traditional

Response: Responsive


Availability: Out of stock

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From the jump line to the tree line, the low-profile Inferno is a lightweight all-mountain tool designed for maximum connected comfort and increased board feel.  Fitted with Double Boa and Pro F.I.T liners with heat-moldable Ultralon foam, the Inferno is built for riders who want a boot with enough power to scream through back bowls and enough support to boost off cat-tracks, and just enough flexibility to crank methods.  


Flex Rating: 7

Surfy / Responsive



Double Boa

Advanced Boa lacing for a quick zonal fit. Two premium Boa reels, one on the tongue and one on the upper cuff, combine to create the Boa Focus lacing system. One reel controls the lower foot and ankle, while the other reel manages power over the cuff. Recoiler technology make it super easy to get in and out of your boots. Two zones give you the ability to micro-manage the flex profile of your boot.


Pro F.I.T. Liner

We’ve advanced the heat-moldable liner concept by adding technologies that improve comfort, foot control and proper flex. Our molded 3D Skate Cuff comfortably locks your foot in place, our 3D Liner tongue improves flex, and our Liner Outsole improves fit, warmth and dampening. Zonal lining keeps every model super comfortable against your ankle and foot.

  • Heat-Moldable Performance Foam: Improved moldability and more responsive flex
  • SkateCuff 3D: Anatomically correct comfort and heel hold
  • HeelGrip Lining: Grips the heel area of your sock for better heel hold
  • Pro FoamBed with AEGIS Microbe Shield: Advanced structure with Poron and anti-stink tech
  • 3D Liner Tongue: Ensures proper toeside flex
  • QuadZone Lining: Different linings in four regions for anatomically correct fit
  • Expand Toe Zone: Self-adjust to different toe lengths for more comfort and warmth


Pro F.I.T. Foambed with AEGIS

Support means comfort. A proper footbed is critical to having both sides of the fit coin—supportive fit for comfort and stability fit for response. In our F.I.T. Foam Beds, we use multi-density 3D structures that both support your arch and also hold your foot in place. We also use D30 Decell and Poron to add cushioning in the heel to an impact absorption.


3D Molded Shell Tongue

After 25 years of creating product, there are some things in snowboard product design that we know work. Our 3D Molded Shell Tongue is one of those things. By molding EVA into a 3D shape for the tongue of the boot, we ensure both a proper boot flex, and we also make sure that flex stays poppy after 100 days of ripping mountains. Made from a responsive foam with zero seams, the 3D shape creates a flex pattern that rebounds when you load energy into it. The result is that tongue that drives power into the edges of your board and bounces back to put you into right place for the next turn.


Other Tech:

  • TrackedOut Sole
  • 3D Rubber Printed Backstay
  • Direct-Print Rubber on Toe For Strap Grip and Durability
  • Ankle Flex Zones


Terms of Warranty
All Rome products besides bindings have a 2 year warranty from the original date of purchase. Warranty replacements can themselves be submitted for warranty, provided 2 years has not elapsed from the date of purchase of the first product