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Skate and Longboard Buying Guide




Skateboards are fantastic for everything from cruising around to riding the skatepark. They are available as complete setups or you can build your own! The possibilities are endless when it comes to building your own skateboard.



Cruisers come in a variety of sizes and generally look more like a skateboard than a longboard. They typically have larger wheels than a skateboard and are used to skating bowls or riding around!



Literally long boards! Built with stability in mind these boards are great for cruising around or getting tech with downhill racing.



Skateboards are sized by width, usually measured in inches. What size skateboard you ride is based on your size, style, and personal preference. See below for a small description of what to look for!

Skater Dude

7.5" and larger

Wider decks are recommended for kids with larger feet and adults. As people progress board size becomes personal preference.

Skater Kid

7.5" and smaller

Decks that are slightly narrower are recommended for kids as their feet are smaller and it helps with learning to balance and do tricks.


Board Features


Cruisers shape


Cruisers are maneuverable and fast and extremely fun! Most cruisers will be made from bamboo which gives it a bouncy feeling giving the board suspension and a smoother ride. The large deck size allows for greater weight distribution and will have more of the "fish tail" shape.

Downhill shape


Downhill racing is not for beginners, with that being said this shape can still be used for everyday cruising if thats a shape you prefer. Thes boards will most likely be made from maple or carbon fiber for a faster, heavy, and solid board without much flex. You can reach extremely high speeds when boarding downhill. These boards tend to be flat and have long wheelbases to provide for greater stability.



Maple is the most commonly used material for skateboard decks. This type of wood is very sturdy and remains solid and reliable over time.


Bamboo is a popular choice for longboards. It is a bit more flexible than maple and is a lot more lightweight, making it ideal for both riding and carrying. Bamboo boards are perfect for carving, cruising the streets, and transportation.

You will also find that Bamboo has a sense of "buoyancy" to it.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is an expensive material using in longboards. With a foam core to lighten the weight, carbon fiber boards are designed to have a lighter and faster feel and outcome.

Most competative riders will use a carbon fiber board to compete.


Longboard truck top mount

Top Mount

The most common style of truck mounting. Trucks are attached to the bottom of the deck with screws. This offers good leverage and control.

Longboard truck dropped deck

Dropped Deck

Traditional mounting style trucks, but the deck itself drops down in the middle of the deck so the nose and tail are raised. Larger wheels are recommended.

Longboard truck drop thru

Drop Thru

Rather than screwing your hardware through the mounting holes, drop-thru decks have cut-outs in the nose and tail so you can drop your trucks through it and attach around the cut out. Creates stability but less responsive.

Longboard truck double drop mount

Double Drop Mount

This is a mix between dropped deck and drop-thru mount. Making for greater sense of gravity.

Skateboard Trucks

Truck Height

Height may be a deciding factor when purchasing the correct trucks. Some brands have high and low trucks available. Keep in mind the difference is minimal and is usually a matter of personal preference. Below are some diagrams on the benefits of the type of trucks.

Low Trucks

Low Trucks

Generally a greater sense of balance, lower to the ground = more stability for tricks etc.

Low Trucks

High Trucks

Being slightly higher up generally adds a bit more pop for ollies and other tricks but may not have as stable as a landing.

Truck Sizing

The size of trucks you choose depends on the width of your board. You generally want the axle width to be flush or slightly in from the width of your deck. This prevents wheel bite and overall bad times. We have included some charts to make choosing the right trucks easy and fun!

Thunder Trucks Sizing
Tensor Trucks Sizing
Krux Trucks Sizing
Venture Trucks Sizing
Ace Trucks Sizing
Independent Trucks Sizing
Royal Trucks Sizing
Riser Pads
Riser Pads

Use and Benefits

Risers are primarily used between the deck and the truck to make the board higher. This is beneficial when you have bigger wheels and want to prevent wheel bite. Riser pads will also vary in thickness.

Wheel Sizes skateboards
Wheel Durometer
Wheels Sizes Longboards

ABEC Definition

This is a way to measure the tolerances of ball bearings. From largest to smallest the tolerances are 1,3,5,7 and 9.

Skateboards and Cruisers

ABEC 3 and 5 are recommended for skateboarding. They have a good amount of speed and hold up with the heaving landing.


ABEC 7 is recommended for longboarding. Slightly faster than a 5 but does not handle heavy tricks and landing like a 3 or 5 does.



Griptape is the sandpaper-like material on the top of your deck that holds you onto your skateboard. Some smaller completes come with soft-top grip tape for barefoot beginners but it is best to progress with regular grip.


Griptape for skateboards either comes in sheets (9" x 33") or is cut from a roll (9" x however long!). It is available in black, clear, or with a cool design.


Cruisers use the same griptape as skateboards. Any board wider than 9" will need 2 sheets of grip or a custom grip job. You can get rad and put stripes or design this way too!


Griptape for longboards often come on the board already. It can be a lot more coarse than regular grip which helps to stay on your board.

Hardware is what holds your trucks to your board and is crucial for skateboarding, cruising, and longboarding. The type of hardware you use depends on if you're using riser pads or not. If you are looking for hardware for your longboard, 1 1/4" is a good size to start with.


Skateboards and Cruisers

Skateboard hardware generally comes in one standard size, which is 7/8" and generally about 1" if you use risers

Most hardware either uses Allen Key or Phillips head to screw it in.

The brand or style of hardware you choose in the end is primarily personal preference.


Longboard hardware is the same as skateboard hardware just a bit longer in length to cater for the thicker board and trucks. They will range around 1 1/8".

Small Scale

7/8" to 1" hardware - no riser

1" to 1 1/8" hardware - 1/8" riser

1 1/4" hardware - 1/4" riser

1 1/2" hardware - 1/2" riser